More on 1,000th post

Referring back to my post yesterday on my 1,000th post, I feel that I neglected to mention that my success is attributed to the support of all of my loyal readers. You have stayed with me through all of these ten years and I intend to keep going until I can no longer hold a camera.  Having said that, this my 1,001th post. 🙂

I have had 236,457 views, by 63,291 visitors from 178 countries.  2, 874 persons have even subscribed so they get an e-mail whenever I write a new post.

In case you are unaware, you, too, can subscribe.  At the right, where it says “sign me up”, just click there and enter your e-mail address.  That simple.  Free.  No obligation. Period.  You can cancel anytime.


Eastern Bluebird

Until the next time, HAPPY BIRDING!!!