Better late than never……

When I signed off on my last post, I promised that I would be back in a very few days with some more images.  Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans……..  Shortly after that post, the weather made some drastic changes.  We had rain, hail, wind, fog, cold temps.  Everything but snow, and there were probably a few areas that it, too, occurred.  Anyway, all is well now.  As a matter of fact, yesterday was a beautiful, gorgeous day.  Definitely a day to give you spring fever.

And it did.  Ann and I got out to San Angelo State Park and spent around four hours.  On the birding side, we saw 39 species.  Not a bad day.  It included getting a lifer, number 303 if you’re counting, and adding 6 more to our yearly total, bringing it up to 111.   It was an Eurasian Wigeon.  Also a couple of Western Grebes flew in to join the party.  Unfortunately, they were too far out in the lake to get any halfway decent photos.  Just enough to make identification.

Here is a tiny shot of the Eurasian Wigeon.


Eurasian Wigeon

But I will digress a bit.  In the few days prior to yesterday, I was a bit more successful in getting some new photos.  For starters here is a male Pyrrhuloxia from the bird blind at San Angelo State Park.



Also at the bird blind this Golden-fronted Woodpecker decided to show off a bit to that on-looking male House Finch, who looked duly impressed.


Always a showoff……

After tiring of that, he decided to play a bit of hide and seek.  Here I caught him peeking.


Golden-fronted Woodpecker

As we drove through the park after leaving the blind, we spotted this Black-throated Sparrow trying to hide from me.  Not doing a good job of that.


Black-throated Sparrow

Back out at our favorite spot a little later, this Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was hard at work at Spring Creek Park.


Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

So, that is all for this time.  The weather look promising again, so after getting a few things done around the house, I might be back out there in a few days.  Watch for me and give a holler if you see me.












13 thoughts on “Better late than never……

  1. Love the new photos! My husband and I will be visiting the San Angelo State Park this Saturday and I’m looking forward to photographing the birds I see there. Just hoping the weather will be nice and not raining.

    • Hi Kathy, there is just a slight chance of early morning showers for Saturday. They usually don’t amount to much. High 72, according to current overcast. We were out there Sunday and there was plenty of bird activity at the blind. Several Pyrrhuloxia. Also if you drive slowly thru the park, you wIll see species that you won’t see at the blind.

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