Bullock’s Orioles and others

Well, it is post time.  No, I am not talking about post time for the Kentucky Derby that is being run today.  Post-time for that if you are interest is 5:50 CDT.  No, I am saying that it is  about time for me to write another post here.  Catchy about the way I got into talking about this, don’t ya think?

So here we go.  Migration seems to be into full swing now.  We seeing buntings, oriole, warblers, etc.  I will be posting new photos of those birds as I acquire them.  But today, I want to show you the Bullock’s Oriole.  I have two photos here that I was able to capture at the Twin Buttes Reservoir Marina Park here in San Angelo.


Bullock’s Oriole


Bullock’s Oriole – female

Here are a few other birds that I captured near by.


Snowy Plover


Great Blue Heron


Lark Sparrow


Ash-throated Flycatcher


Western Kingbird

And this one at San Angelo State Park.


Yellow Warbler

I hope you enjoyed these photos.  As I said, things are picking up as more spring birds arrive.

Until the next post time. 🙂  HAPPY BIRDING!!


16 thoughts on “Bullock’s Orioles and others

  1. Fabulous pics, Bob! Well done on getting such good shots of the Bullock’s Oriole. We are getting spring migrants too – singing loud and clear but difficult to photograph!

  2. Bob—These are thrilling photos — I seek to know the overt differences of birds that make Texas their home vs.the same specie familiar to Wisconsin. So far, all I get I get is that our birds drink at a bubbler and the Texan birds say, “y’all come back, y’hear?” I thank and appreciate your recorded pursuits! Way beyond everyday!

    • Thank you, Charlotte, for those kind words. I really appreciate it. i was raised up north in Muskegon, Michigan, and I wish I had been more appreciative of the birds there when I was a kid. There definitely are differences between the birds of each state. Y’all need to come down here. Y’hear? 🙂

  3. That is the way to come to post! You are sneaky like that! I enjoyed your post, but the game I play with the photos (you know, guess the name before looking at it) was a bust this time. Need to spend more time with bird id. Hope you are enjoying this super nice day. hugs

    • Thank you, Beth, for putting up with my strange sense of humor. Everybody else seem to ignore it. Yes, you need to read you guide more often. Not much of a plot, but interested reading. 🙂

  4. Good Morning Bob Please excuse my informality. We have not been introduced. My family and I are the owners of the Head of the River Ranch, south of Christoval. The head springs of the South Concho are there. If you would ever be interested in visiting the springs, please let me know. Terry Maxwell spent a lot of time there. I live in San Antonio but am out there often. Barbara Sykes introduced me to your blog and magnificent photos. Sincerely, Ryland Howard

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Hi Ryland, thanks for writing. Thank you for the invite to your ranch. I would love to visit. I was quite acquainted with Terry. He was one of my fans of my photography, and an expert birder. Please send me contact info, etc., to my e-mail address: bobzeller@pobox.com. I will see if we can make it down soon. 🙂

  5. Trying to take it easy after cataract surgery but looking at that Bullock’s Oriole truly shows the brilliance of the colour-thrilled to have my sight back! Enjoy all the images that you have posted here. I get tired easily and realizing I need to take the time to recover. Happy birding!

    • I had my cataracts removed a few years ago. I can now see in Hi-Def. Wonderful! I am glad that it worked out good for you, too. We now have a new lease on life, don’t we? 🙂

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