Painted Buntings – Stars of the show

In the past couple of weeks we have visited Twin Buttes Reservoir on several occasions.  Since the lake has received much needed water from storms the past few months, it has produced a plethora of birds.  Also, it is the middle of migration, so birding there has been great fun.  I have had some great photo opportunities.  Of course, the bird that gets the most attention is the Painted Bunting.  Her are the results of those forays.

These are from Monday, May 6, Twin Buttes Marina Park.

This Painted Bunting was flitting around in the brush and I caught him as he was ready to fly off.


Painted Bunting

Sandpipers are my nemesis when it comes to identifying them.  But after checking my guides I believe I have it right.  A Semi-palmated Sandpiper.


Semi-Palmated Sandpiper

On May 9, we again made a trip to the marina.

I caught this Painted Bunting sitting on a branch of a nearby tree.


Painted Bunting

We can always hear the Bell’s Vireos before we can see them.


Bell’s Vireo

Back on May 13, we are having fun, still at Twin Buttes.

I spotted this flight of American Avocets zip past us and head over the lake.  As they wheeled around to come back, I was ready for them.


American Avocets

What??  Another Painted Bunting?


Painted Bunting

Back again on May 15.  Are you tired of the Painted Buntings?  I hope not as here is another.


Painted Bunting

We were startled to see this Cooper’s Hawk on a fence post as we drove by.  I stopped the car and we were only about 20 feet away.  I was happy to be able to photograph him out the passenger side window.  I was afraid to get out of the car as he might have flushed.


Cooper’s Hawk

Another bird that we heard before we saw him.  These quail can really blend in with their surroundings.  But we just followed the sound and got the shot of this Northern Bobwhite.



These little Least Sandpipers were all over the parking at Twin Buttes Marina.  Scurrying here and there.


Least Sandpiper

This next photo of the Yellow-throated Vireo was photographed a few days later at Spring Creek Park.  This bird is around all year, but this is the first time I have ever had the chance to photograph one.  They are very shy and hard to find.


Yellow-throated Vireo

On another short trip to San Angelo State Park, we were rewarded with great views of the Dickcissel.



That does it for today’s post.  I really hope you enjoyed this little photography journey.  You can bet that I enjoyed getting the photos.

Until the next time…..HAPPY BIRDING!!!!


12 thoughts on “Painted Buntings – Stars of the show

  1. “Tired of the Painted Buntings”…never! American Avocet is a new one to me, how unique. I appreciate you sharing your passions, and always look forward to your next post.

    • Thank you much, Bambi. I don’t get tired of the Painted Buntings either, even though they are pretty common here this time of year. I am happy that you admire my work. 🙂

  2. I can’t imagine how exciting it would be to see a Painted Bunting for the first time. The photos are brilliant, but I know that still, there is nothing like seeing those colours in real life. Not to ignore the others here, they deserve honourable mention, as well. I actually got out birding yesterday. It was heavenly!

  3. A post full of surprise and beauty! The Painted Bunting on the barbed wire fence IS the star of the show! The American Avocets win also for “the most different looking bird flying” – so different from perched! Then there is the Cooper’s Hawk you did not want to flush – the bird looks like it is thinking “If I don’t move, they will go AWAY.” And the Dickcissel is just a funny sounding and looking bird! You and Ann did good and I think you two had a blast doing it! hugs

  4. Great photos, and it’s always a pleasure to see pictures of Painted Buntings! I admire your ability to hear a bird song and follow the sound to find it, and then often grab a picture – thank you for sharing your talent!

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