The Magnificent Osprey

I love photographing the raptors.  One of my favorites is the Osprey.  I can usually find one or two near the local lakes; either Lake Nasworthy, O. C. Fisher Lake, or Twin Buttes Reservoir.  Lately I have been seeing some around the latter.  They winter in the southern half of Texas, but occasionally can be seen in warmer months.  They dine exclusively on fish.  They forage by flying over the water, then diving and snatching their lunch with sharp talons.

They are a fierce looking birds, as my photo below shows.


Osprey with fish lunch

He was high on a utility pole, about 75 yards from me and my camera.  Fortunately, he was pretty intent on eating, so I was able to take my time and get several esposures.

They are a beautiful bird in flight.  I captured the photo below on another occasion.  He had finished eating and was just doing a bit of sight-seeing.  Photographed in the early morning sunrise.


Osprey in flight

Here is another image of one watching, just sitting and a’grinning.  I got this capture early this morning.


Below are a couple of images from several years ago, when I got lucky and caught one in flight, clutching his meal.


Osprey in flight


Osprey in flight

I hope you enjoyed my little post about one of my favorite birds.  Feel free to comment.  I enjoy hearing from you.

Until the next time.