Swainson’s – the forgotten hawk.

Well, the Thanksgiving holiday is over.  Now I am contemplating the Christmas season.  However, I think that began long before Thanksgiving, considering all of the commercial ads I have seen the past several weeks.

Anyway, we have been out birding on several occasions, only to come home empty handed.  Where are all the birds, someone once said.  I guess they are around, keeping in hiding until the weather makes up it’s mind as to what it wants to do.

So, I am staying busy going through thousands of old files, and making surprising discoveries.  In the past, I come home from a shoot, load the photos, sometimes several hundred.  I look at the best, then forget the others until I have time, like now, to go back a take closer looks.  Like now.  I forgot about red-tails, osprey, falcons, and went through my old files of the Swainson’s Hawk.

They are nearly the size of a Red-tailed Hawk, and just as photogenic as them.  I guess the fact that there are more red-tails around San Angelo, is why I tend to see the more. of them.   Anyway, here are a couple new/old photos of Swainson’s Hawks that I have never published.


Swainson’s Hawk


Swainson’s Hawk

Those two I have never published.  However, here is one that I did publish about two years ago, and one of my favorites.


Swainson’s Hawk

As you can see, the Swainson’s Hawks are pretty exciting to see also.

So, as I said, Thanksgiving is past and the following photo shows that a turkey is thankful that he did not end up on the platter as he is getting the heck outta’ here. 🙂


Rio Grande Wild Turkey

And with that, I am outta’ here, too.  See ya back here in a few days.