Carolina Wren and friends.

This past Friday morning Ann and I headed to Spring Creek Park here in San Angelo.  Birding had been pretty slow for awhile and we were hoping that things would be starting to pick up.   And it was.  Among other things a Carolina Wren made himself visible and treated us to several poses.  I hope you enjoy these photos.


Carolina Wren


Carolina Wren


Carolina Wren

We also saw this beautiful Orange-crowned Warbler.


Orange-crowned Warbler

And this cute little Yelllow-rumped Warbler.


Yellow-rumped Warbler

It is great to see our winter birds finally getting settled in, especially these tiny bird that I enjoy photographing.  Of course, we had some record-setting warm weather, too, that helped.  Having said that, a cold front blew in this morning so we shall see how that affects the coming week.  Stay tuned………