From lemons to lemonade

A couple of days ago, Ann and I decided to check the birding at San Angelo State Park.  We were hoping to catch some early immigrants arriving.  Birding was fair.  I say it was only fair, because I failed to get any good keeper photographs.  At least, that is what I thought until I got home and took a closer look at some of my images.

One that caught my eye was this photo that I captured of a Greater Roadrunner.  Photographed from about 100 feet away, it is a rather nondescript image that isn’t very impressive.


As you can see, this photo won’t win any prizes.  I didn’t like the way the sun was shining  on the cactus.  The overall composition wasn’t great either.  I decided to do some creative cropping because I really liked the colorul expression of the bird itself.  Fortunately the image was sharp enough that I could really crop close without losing any quality.


Greater Roadrunner

So, as they say, if you get lemons, make lemonade.

Until the next time, HAPPY BIRDING!!!

16 thoughts on “From lemons to lemonade

  1. I see these often around Kerrville/Leakey/Medina. A friend raised one as a pet, many years ago. She fed it steak and other such goodies. She said she wasn’t about to spend all her time catching grasshoppers for it, although she gave it a go from time to time.

  2. love both photos..these birds are so fun to watch.we have lots of them here in Laughlin Nevada. all you needed was Wiley make all your photos unique.

  3. Roadrunners…one of my favorite birds…and this is a keeper! Spring is just around the corner, Bob…hold on a bit longer! hugs

  4. We used to see roadrunners west of Midland on our way to Hobbs, but it has been many years since I’ve seen one. It’s good to know they are still around.

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