An Easter Message


I’d like to wish my friends, neighbors, and any relatives that happen to read this, a very Happy Easter.  It is especially meanful to me.this during this coronavirus crisis.  I just finnished watching Franklin Graham’s Easter Message, and was inspired to write.

With prayers we will over come this.  I, myself, haven’t been a very good church goer.  But I still love the Lord and believe in Him.

When I was a young ten-year old, I had a paper route that took me out to the edge of town.  I had to get up at 3:30 in the morning.  I rode my bicycle and there was one area where there it was nearly no houses, and in my imagination I would hear strange noises in the darkness.  Each time I would pray to the Lord, and promise anything if he would just get me through that half-mile.

As a recruit in basic training, I would read my Gideon’s bible each night, asking Him for help to get me through each grueling day.

Later when I was assigned to the Air Force Survival School at Stead AFB in Reno, Nevada, I found that I had a guardian angel with me.  One day, I was dead broke, no money and was sitting in the dayroom, when a fellow airman came in and sat down beside.  My pay at the time was 37.60 per month.  My friend was a very religious person, and he tried to console me.  He suggested that we walk in to town and he would buy me a cup of coffee.  We were in off-base housing on the grounds of the University of Nevada.  A favorite place of mine was Tiny’s Waffle House, just inside the famous arch, on the right side of the street.

We stopped in there.  We sat and this friend, I don’t remember his name, kept telling me that I shouldn’t worry, that the Lord works in mysterious ways.  When we went to leave and he was paying the bill, I had my hand in my pocked, and lo and behold I found a dime way down in the bottom.  On a whim, I put it in the usual slot machine next to the cash register, where you could find them in all of the business in town.  A miracle occured.  I struck a jackpot for 20.00, more than enough to get me through the month.  Yes, He works in mysterious ways, indeed.

On another ocassion after Ann and I were married and were assigned to San Angelo, we were taking trip to Waco.  At one point, and a highway junction, I suddenly found myself in the wrong lane facing the oncoming traffic.  A car was coming right at us.  All of a sudden my steering wheel was yanked to the right, as the oncoming driver drove to his right.  We missed each other my mere inches.  I had to pull off the road and wait to get my wits back I know I had divine help turning that wheel.

There are many more experience of my guardian angel stepping in for me when needed, but I would need another page to tell you them all.

Of course, our marriage was a beautiful story of the Lord bringing Ann and I together.  It is unbelievable and you can read it for yourself Here if you are interested.

So I know the Lord is always watching over me and Ann.

I hope you enjoyed this and gave you some inspiration.