Say it Isn’t So, Bob

Yep, it is so.  I have hinted to this off and on for several months, and all good things must end.  This is my 1,026th and final post to this blog.  I began this blog nearly eleven years ago.  During that time I have had different readers from 172 countries.  I can’t believe that I found 1,026 different subjects to write about.

I am doing this due to not only my aging, (I am 85), but I am also having more health issues.  It is getting more difficult to spend much time at the computer.  So it guess it is time to put this aside and enjoy the rest of my golden years.  However, having said that, even though I am not going to write any more articles, I still might add some more photos to the gallery if I see fit.  Also, I will maintain my list of birds that I have seen during the year.

But for all practical purposes, this is goodbye to all of you, my wonderful faithful readers.  It has been a great ride!!


Bob Zeller

May 20, 220