Click my FineArtAmerica link to view or purchase prints, coffee mugs, and home decor featuring my photography.  Just click on the image you are interested, and a menu will open, telling you information on what is available.


8 thoughts on “Galleries

  1. Wow! There are so many types of bird species in this beautiful world. These pictures are amazing! I am a new fan of yours 🙂 glad I found your blog. I sometimes blog some of my pictures too!

  2. How are you Bob? I wondered what happened as you were porrly around Christmas. I’ve just been to your gallery. what lovely animal photos. you must have lots of patience as well as a steady hand abd keen eye!

    • I am just fine now, Chris. Thanks for asking. Thank you for the kind comments on my galleries. I do have a lot of patience, but I guess most of my success just comes from years of experience, and having state of the art equipment.


    • Hi Toby, I’m glad you like the changes. About the porcupine, I was close enough to pet him. He was maybe 5 foot off the ground, and I literally walked right up to him. He was half-asleep. Thanks for the comment.


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