Miscellaneous Monday Moments

I and Ann got out to Middle Concho Park this morning for awhile.  A little quiet at first, but we ended up seeing over twenty birds.  The weather was a little cool but gradually warmed.  Skies were partly cloudy.  We saw this juvenile Red-tailed Hawk zipping around.  At first, we saw him in the fork of a tree.  I managed to get this shot before he flew off to perch atop the utility pole that you see in the second image.

Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk in tree.

Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk atop utility pole.

I was able to get a shot of a Red-winged Blackbird amongst some old sunflowers.  Several more shots were throw-aways, because the red of the wing was covered up with the vegetation.

Red-winged Blackbird in the sunflowers.

The following shot of a Great Blue Heron was made several days ago.  I opted to not clone out the bit of spider webbing that you see hanging from the branches.  I much rather keep things looking natural as much as I can.

Great Blue Heron

I hope you enjoyed these photographs.  Click on any of them to see some enlargements.

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Birds, Beasts and Buttes – Book now available

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