Macro Photo??

There is a discussion on Photographyfree4all’s blog about macro photography.  I just thought I’d throw this image into the mix.  I own a Tamron 90mm macro lens.  It is an excellent lens.  However, sometimes when I am on the trail or in the field, it is inconvenient to carry extra lenses.  I hike with what ever I can fit into my pockets.

Such was the case with the following picture.  I was really on a nature trail in Big Bend National Park, carrying only my Canon 7D with my Canon 100-400mm lens attached, plus a set of binoculars, as my quest was whatever birds I could see.

I came upon this area where there was a wetlands, with a boardwalk across it.  Near the shore, in the reeds, I spotted this Dragonfly.  Perhaps my good friend Jim Miller can identify the species for me.  But, anyway, I used my fore-mentioned 100-400mm lens set-up.  I hand=held and focused as best I could.  I then cropped when editing. 


The point that I am trying to make, is that you can get macro photos in extenuating circumstances, using other lenses.  Click the image for an enlargement.

San Angelo Water Lily Fest

Today was the final day of the Water Lily Fest here in San Angelo.  Most of the festivities wound up yesterday but that didn’t stop the beautiful water lilies from opening today for all to see.  I didn’t get down to see the main event yesterday, so I took advantage of the smaller crowd today.  The skies were a bit overcast,  making the lighting perfect.

The San Angelo Internationl Water Lily Collection is the premier such garden in the world.  Ken Landon the owner and curator, has collected specimens from countries of both hemispheres.  This brought water lily esperts from the Unites States, Australia, Far East and Europe for the 4-day symposium.

Some of the lily pads are five feet in diamater, such as the third photo.  That blossom is nearly twelve inches across.

Here are four images that I photographed this morning.  I hope you enjoy.  Click on any of them to see an enlargement.