Last post before Big Bend journey.

How time flies.  Ann and I have been looking forward to our upcoming trip to the Big Bend country for several weeks.  Now all of a sudden it’s upon us.  Wham!  Bam!  No time to make dessert.  Gotta get to packin’.  We’re leaving in less than 48 hours.  We will be on our way to Marathon, Texas and the Gage Hotel early Sunday morning.  After checking out some birding hotspots there, we will head on for the Terlingua/Study Butte area, where we will be staying for  the next four nights.

So this will be my last post for a few days, probably not until next weekend after we get back on the 28th.  But as is my practice, I will leave you with a few shots that I got this week here in the area.

Great Egret taking off from the water.

The reason that I hadn’t shown you this photo of the Great Egret, was because I had clipped the wings a bit.  But that happens, when your subject is in motion and you are trying to keep up.  But after some re-consideration, I changed my mind about publishing it.  I will just have to live with the clipped wings.

Wood Duck

The above Wood Photo was one of those that I was disappointed in the original image.  The exposure was off, and I didn’t think that I could salvage it, but thanks to the digital darkroom, it worked out pretty good.

How about one more shot of everyone’s favorite, the Vermilion Flycatcher.

Vermilion Flycatcher

So I will leave you with the above images.  Click on any of them to see enlargements.  I hope to be back next week with some nice images of the Texas desert, canyons, and the wildlife that lives therein.  We will be staying at the Far Flung Advertures Casitas.  If any of ya’ll want to join us, come on down.