Back among the living…….

Sorry that I kept you all waiting.  You probably thought I was dead, but I have been away for a bit.  I actually thought I was dead when I had another painful attack last Saturday morning.  I just spent another delightful week in the hospital for removal of some more stones.  I think the doctor said that he removed enough sand and gravel to re-do my driveway. 🙂 But through laproscopic surgery, it was a piece of cake.  Besides that, I have a dear friend that lives near Houston, who loves to play Scrabble.  We had an on-line game going constantly, and the hospital food at Shannon Medical Clinic was awesome.  Things couldn’t have been much better.

In case you are wondering about all of these attacks that I have had the past seven months, it seems that I have this peculiar condition, called “choledocolithiasis“. (Now that would be a great Scrabble word).   Anyway it  causes the liver to produce stones, even though my gall bladder is gone.  Leave it to me to come with something weird to add to my health resume.  But all’s well that ends well.  I am back to nearly 100% and am anxious to resume some photography and birding outings.

Ann and I did get out Saturday morning for a little foray around the local parks.  The birds weren’t real active, but I managed to get a couple of shots that are presentable enough to show here.

Cedar Waxwing

Cedar Waxwing

I love it when I can get a good close-up of a Cedar Waxwing.

Squirrel emerging from tree nest.

Squirrel emerging from tree nest.

This park where we do a lot of birding is over-run with squirrels.  For the most part, I usually just ignore them.  However, when I saw this one coming out of his (or hers) nest, I couldn’t resist getting a shot.

So until the next time, click on any image to see an enlargement.

Say it isn’t so, Bob, say it isn’t so…..

Yep.  It happened again.  Last Friday morning I had another gall stone attack.  A really, really, bad, wall-clawing type.  This is four months after having my gall bladder removed.  They hauled me away in an ambulance, kicking and screaming.  I know, I am making it sound dramatic, but I am still trying to keep this readable for ages 13 and older.

After arrival at the hospital, they started pumping me full of drugs morphine and sent me to LaLaland.  While in that stupor for the weekend, they ran tests, an X-ray, a sonogram, a CT scan.  Then after finding nothing, they decided on an MRI.  I opted for the open one;  (I don’t want to get stuck in that tube.)  There, they discovered two stones that were missed in the previous surgery.  They were hidden in the viaduct bile duct, what ever that is.

Would you believe that three days before, I had my usual 6 month check-up and was pronounced man-of-the-year in perfect health.  Go figure.

So now you know why you haven’t heard from me for awhile.  As you can understand, it will take me a few days to get back to what is normal for me.  So bear with me and I will be getting back out and trying to get some new photos for you soon.