San Angelo Water Lily Collection

San Angelo is home to one of the largest water lily collections in the world   It has over 300 international specimens.  It is one of my favorite haunts to photograph water lilies.  What does this have to do with birding, you may


Green Heron with minno

 ask.  Well, it is also a favorite place for Green Herons to come and fish for minnows, etc.  You can see one of my photos of one to the right.  This one was one of two that were stealing the show at the Lily Fest in 2008.  They were hopping from lily pad to lily pad, much to the enjoyment of the spectators.

But since I am on the subject of water lilies, allow me to show off a few of my other images.  All of them were taken at the International Water Lily Collection in downtown San Angelo.  I hope you enjoy them.  If you are interested in purchasing prints, just contact me at

Happy Birding!!




"Aquatic Beauty"


"Lady in Red"


"Magnificent Ballerina"