You Asked for Her, Now Take my Wife – Please

Okay, so Henny Youngman I am not.  For you youngsters and international readers, Henny Youngman was stand-up comedian many years ago, and one of his favorite lines was, “Take my wife, please!!

Now I have been asked recently why I have never posted a picture of Ann.  I am always writing about Ann and I doing this and that, but never showing you her picture.  Next month we will have been married 54 years.  So in honor of that mementous occasion I will show you the images of time gone by and later.

Ann back then…

Ann now…………..

Now, I don’t really see much difference between the two. 🙂

Here are a couple of more.

Bob and Ann back then……

Bob and Ann about now…

So now you know, there really can’t be much difference in pictures, as long there are no differences in the way we feel about each other.  Thank you for following us along in our journey through life.

P.S.  click the images to see delightful enlargements. 🙂