Happy Labor Day Week-end

Here it is Sunday morning, September 4, 2011.  That means that tomorrow is the first Monday of September and therefore it will be Labor Day.  The annual holiday that separates the warm days of summer and the beginning of the cooler fall days.

Of course, it doesn’t always happen that way, but thankfully, that is the way it is this year in west Texas, particularly here in San Angelo.  After a very scorching summer, June, July, August, with a record 93 days of 100+ degree days.  The old record was 60 days set back in 1969.  We also set a record with 36 days of 105+ degree days.  Again the old record was 14 days set back in 1969.  This was the hottest summer since record keeping began back in 1907, 104 years ago.

But as I said, the recent tropical storms in the gulf have helped lower our temperatures here and tomorrow is supposed to be a balmy 89 degrees.  Tomorrow morning I think I can get back out and try to do something about bringing my yard back to looking normal.

The fall migration should also be starting in a few days, and I am hoping that there will be enough feed left for the birds to make their annual stopovers, before heading further south.  I have my cameras cleaned and my camera bag gadgets sorted.  I’m ready to get back to trying to capture the beauty of wildlife on the wing and on the ground.

I am glad that I got into photography so many years ago.  After my years of being a professional saxophonist, I had to have another outlet for my creativity.  I wasn’t interested in painting.  Heck, I tried finger-painting, but it took me three weeks to do the kitchen.  So I am happy with photography, and I have found that a person can be just as creative with a camera, as one can with a brush, (or fingers). 🙂

So I am just sitting here pondering the next few months.  In the immediate future, starting tomorrow I will do a series of posts about the doves here in the Concho River Valley.  The dove hunting season started a few days ago so I thought it would be an apt time to do so.

After that, maybe we can work in a trip to the Big Bend country again in a few weeks.  I guess that is where my heart is.  It seems to draw me back each year for at least one visit.  There I might just find some photographic opportunities for some future blog items.  We can hope so.

So have a fun but safe holiday weekend.

Rufous Hummingbirds

Starting a new week a day late, since Labor Day was a day for just doing nothing.  Tried watching the Texas Rangers baseball game, but they didn’t do well, so I took a nap.  That’s what us senior type people do on holidays. 🙂

I haven’t come up with anything new in my photographs in the last few days.  I tried to take some images of the bird blind for a future blog post.  I wasn’t too satisfied with my results so I will go back at another time.  Does any one know of a good photographer. 🙂

But Tom Camfield who lives over near the O. C. Fisher Dam and Concho River, had a nice visitor for about three days.  A Rufous Hummingbird.  When he sent me the photos, I had to ask him to ID them for me.  I’m afraid I need to get a little more educated about hummingbirds.  With his permission, I am publishing them here.  Click on any photo to see a nice enlargement.  Enjoy.

Rufous Hummingbird


Rufous Hummingbird

Rufous Hummingbird


Rufous Hummingbird

 In other news, Ann and I looked for the Roseate Spoonbills this morning, but they were nowhere to be found.  Maybe they decided to leave before the coming storm gets here.  We did still see a couple of Great Blue Herons.  Also, the lake level must have dropped another couple of inches, because we saw another islet being “born”.

So Happy Birding.  Migration is coming soon!