Big Bend Series, Part III Pinto Canyon

When we took our recent trip to the Big Bend Country, our first stop was Marfa, Texas.  Here are some of the photos from that area.

High Plains near Marf, Texas

Horses and Blue Mountain near Fort Davis, Texas

An exciting side trip from Marfa is an old county road that starts from just west of Marfa and ends up at Ruidosa, Texas, down near the Rio Grande River.  The first 20 miles or so is paved, but from there on it is about another 30 miles down through Pinto Canyon.  Rough going, but we made it one time in our mini-van.  We saw only three vehicles the whole trip and they were all Border Patrol trucks.  The road eventually climbs up near Chinati Peak.

Road to Pinto Canyon

Lonely Old Truck in Pinto Canyon

After finally reaching Highway 170, you can turn left, toward the east.  That will take you on one of most spectacular drives in the country, leading you to Lajitas.  We will cover that on another post.