Happy Decoration Day

Of course, we all know that it is now known as Memorial Day.  Originally called Decoration Day, to be observed celebrating and honoring the dead, military and civilian.  It was, and is,  a tradition to decorate the graves with flowers, flags, etc.  The name change happened around 1968.


Your’s truly, of course. My old hat has stood the test of time.

I am not good at selfies, but I thought I would toss this one to show that I am standing the test of time, too.  Ann says I should have smiled a little more to show off my new teeth. 🙂

My oldest memories of Decoration Day, as it was called when I was a child, was of my Dad and I listening to the Indianapolis 500 Auto Race.  The Greatest Spectacle in Racing, as it’s motto states.  The first time was probably about 1938.  I would have been four years old, and my dad was a big fan of that annual race.  It wouldn’t matter what we were doing, fishing, washing the car, or sitting in our living room, there was always a radio present so we could listen.  Then in later years, of course, we would be watching on television.  Thus, that is what I did yesterday, as I have done all those years, except for a couple of years during my military deployment.

The race has changed over the years.  The cars are faster but safer.  Back then the speeds were barely over 100 mph, but the gradually improved.  I remember when A. J. Foyt turned laps at the amazing speed of 160 mph.  Now, this year, qualifying speeds were around 230 mph.

Anyway, I had a most enjoyable weekend.  It started with a great telephone conversation with my dear best friend in Tennessee.  It had been perhaps a year or more since we had chatted by phone, but we keep pretty much in contact each month by e-mail.  She is also a very accomplished wildlife photographer, too.  So we always have things to talk about.  She and her husband are our closest friends.

We then spent a couple of hours birding at San Angelo State Park on Saturday morning.  The heat is starting to reach 100 degree temps, so the birding is starting to slow down.  The rest of the weekend we spent just hanging out at home, watching the Texas Rangers baseball games.

I did take a few hours to work on my  (click here) Fine Art America page, and my Gallery page that you access above.  I would so love to have some of you purchase my prints.  As low as 17.00 and change.  Buying is easy.  In my Gallery, I am putting direct links under each photo.  Click that link and a price list will appear, you only need to decide the size.  Or click the FineArtAmerica link above.


Painted Bunting

Of couse, I must continue my habit of posting at least one of my photographs with each post.  The Painted Bunting is one of the most beautiful birds around here.  They will be present here for most of the summer, to brighten the upcoming hot dry days.

I hope that all of my readers have a safe but fun Memorial Day weekend.  Until the next time, HAPPY BIRDING!!!

From the heart, and other mushy stuff…….

I am 78 years old.  I still consider myself to be in pretty darned good shape.  I still have most everything that I was born with, minus a gall bladder and a tooth or two.  I have some hair that is greying at the temples.  My wife says that I only have hair at my temples.  I guess she is refering to my rather large part in the middle.

I have been married to my dearest friend and wife, Ann for nearly 55 years.  It is funny that people, including me, don’t start appreciating the obvious things around them until it gets nearly too late.  We have had our ups and downs like any married couple.  Minor spats, nothing ever serious.  I have been faithful, but not to say that I haven’t had temptations placed before me.  You can’t be a wild sax player like I was, and not have a few teeny-boppers chase you around.  But nevertheless, she has stood by me and I love her more as each day goes by.

I was talking to my dearest (next to my wife) friend, Shannon, in Houston yesterday.  My conversation with her was the inspiration for this post.  I mentioned that I think everything happens for a reason.  When certain people come into your life there is a reason for it.  She is one of those people, and we met last year near the time I was hospitalized.  While in the hospital, she kept a continual on-line conversation going with me, while trying to take care of her own family of a husband and four children.  Ann and I have become great friends with her and of her family.  We are in contact with them almost daily and it has lightened our lives immensely.  I truly believe that Ann and I have been much closer since that time, as those three hospital stays opened our eyes that the years are passing.

I don’t know why I picked today, Memorial Day, to write this post.  It just happened to be fitting.  As I said everything happens for a reason.  And today, I am thankful for everything and everyone around me.  I knew what I wanted to write about, after my conversation with Shannon yesterday.  I just didn’t know how or when I was going to do it.  But wanting to write while the thoughts were fresh on my mind, I decided to get after it this morning.

So I am sorry there are no pictures today.  By the way, I am happy with being 78.  I like the sound of it, and maybe I’ll just keep it.  So far it has kept me from visiting the local senior center.  That is where all the old people hang out.

Now that I have written all of this mushy stuff, I am going to count to ten, then decide if I want to publish it.

Oh, hell, I only got to seven.  Darn right, I am going to publish it. 🙂