Hey, he’s just a kid………….

Going through some old photos, I came across this one that brought back a fond memory.  A few years ago I was at someone’s ranch.  I really don’t remember whose.  I was just wandering around through the brush and weeds and I came across this new-born goat kid.  The mother was standing about about 20 feet away.  The little one was under a dense mesquite brush.  How it got there I didn’t know.

Looking at it carefully, I realized it was just a few hours old.  It still had blood clots in it’s coat and signs of the after-birth.  It didn’t have a way out of the bush, so I pushed branches aside and carefully reached in.  I gently placed my hand under it’s body and lifted it out into the clearing.  It seened like it only weighed a few ounces, and probably only messured about 14 inches from nose to tail.  It was so cute, I just had to take a photo.  The mother was not concerned in anyway.  She just stood and watched.

I used the cloning tool in Photoshop Elements and cleaned up the coat.  Click on the image to see an enlargement.

"Hey, I'm just a kid"