More About Roseate Spoonbills

Okay, can you stand some more talk about the Roseate Spoonbills?  I feel like I have touched on them several times the past couple of weeks, but I think I’ve finally hit perfection this morning, so maybe no more after this.  They are so new to me, since I had never seen one before.  I have been struck by their beauty.

The following two pictures were shot in the RAW format, then edited and converted to JPEGs in Photoshop Elements.  For you that are interested with such information, I photographed these  images with my Canon EOS 7D, with a Canon f4-5.6 100-400 IS  zoom lens.  The ISO was 800, shutter speed 1/4000, aperture f8 with an EV adjustment of minus .03.  That adjustment was for the bright whites that were caused by the early morning sun.  I hope you enjoy the images.  Click on either one to see an enlargement.

Roseate Spoonbill in flight


Roseate Spoonbills

Photoshop Elements 8

A number of people have asked me over the years, what editing software do I use.  I have Photoshop CS4 which I am learning to use.  But I stll have my dear old Photoshop Elements.  I have used Elements since they came out with their first version several years ago.  I now have version 8.

As they have upgraded, they have gradually added tools, bells and whistles,  that were originally in the full Photoshop software.  Version 8 has continued improving in that sense.  It is very user friendly, and very, very less expensive.  Example:  Full Photoshop CS4 or CS5 – around 600.00.  Photoshop Elements 8 – less than 100.00.  If you are inclined to shoot RAW file, Elements can handle the conversion with no problem.

I myself, shoot RAW and JPEG simotaneously.  My Canon EOS 7D allows me to do that.  Then I can choose to use whichever image I want.  But either way, I find that the final results are excellent.

Following are two examples.  Both were processed in Photoshop Elements 8.  An Eastern Bluebird and a Sunflower, which you saw the photo yesterday.  The bluebird original was a JPEG, whereas the Sunflower was shot in RAW.  These were shot with my 18MP Canon EOS 7D.  Having that extra large file to work with enables me to crop extra close.  Both of these photos produced very nice 11x14s.

Eastern Bluebird - original from the camera



Sunflower - original from camera




Of course, there is more to producing a good photograph than just cropping.   In these photos, I have adjusted the light, color saturation, contrast, and done a little more sharpening.  So that’s how Photoshop Elements has helped me out. 

If you have any questions or comments on this subject comment here or contact me direct at   Click on any of the images for an enlargement.