Quiz results are in…..

What a fun quiz that was.  Click here to see the original post. The photo is, of course, a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.  It is identified from the Orange-crowned Warbler by the two white wing bars, one of them is usually concealed.  The eye, instead of being barred like the OCW, just has very pale crescents in front of and behind the eye.  The ruby crown can be seen only part of the time, depending on the mood of the bird.  The female has no ruby crown.

The Orange-crowned Warbler is rather plain, dull and unmarked.  Kind of a flat oliveish/green.  The most distinctive part is the bit of yellow under the tail.  But it does have a bar thru the eye that you should look for.

Initially, the Orange-crowned Warbler obtained a prompt 25 votes, making me go back to the guides and see if I had made a monstrous mistake.  But soon, people starting taking a closer look at the guides and the Ruby-crowned Kinglet got 49 correct votes, and the warbler with 36.

There were a five people who were obviously not birders, but enjoyed the quiz just the same.  And I am glad that they did, and hope they will participate in some future quizzes.  They are the ones that failed to see that the Red-topped Titmouse is fictional, and a figment of my own imagination.

Of course, this was not a contest.  Only a fun quiz to test your knowledge.  I will try to come up with another one soon.  I thank everybody for participating.  For my identifications, I usually consult the Stokes Field Guide to Birds of North America.