Diversity in my photography

After posting those scenics photographs in my blog yesterday, I decieded to show you some more of my non-nature photography.  I love to shoot anything and everything that appeals to my eye.  I love color, I love action.  All of that besides my wildlife photography.  So I hope you enjoy the folowing images that shows my diversity.

Ths first is one of  what I call one of my “artsy” photos.  I was at a balloon festival a few years back.  It was a very windy day, with winds too strong for balloon flying.  I was trying to salvage some images, not wanting to go home without something.  The balloon were anchored to the ground for static showing.  I saw these three swaying to and fro in the wind, and I was taken by the similarities in the stitched panels.  I just aimed right into the middle of the grouping and got this result.


For the following shot I was at an air show at Midland, Texas.  It was the annual Confederate Air Force show.  (for political reasons, it is now called Commemmorative Air Force).  Anyway, the Air Force Thunderbirds were the headliners.  I shot seven 36-exposure rolls of film and this was one of the better results.

U. S. Air Force Thunderbirds

Here’s another one of my “artsy” photos, and it is one of my best sellers.  It is another one from my film shooting days.  As a matter of fact, it goes way back to 1962.  I was near Istanbul, Turkey at the time, and I and my wife were walking along the water front.  We spotted this old fishing boat sitting near an old dock.  I call it simply “Abana”.  I have no idea what it means except it may be the boat owners wife or girl friend.  Photographed on the old Kodachrome ASA 10 (would you believe it?) slide film.  Oh, the camera was a Kodak Retina 3s.


We were vacationing in Michigan a couple of years ago and ventured out near the seashore.  Actually, the lake shore, but it is mis-leading.  Those Great Lakes are actually inland seas.  You need to be there when the violent storms are splashing waves to the top of the light house in the following picture.

Lake Michigan Seascape

Another photo from Northern Michigan.  This is Fishtown.  An actual name for this old fishing village.  In the old days it was very active with commercial fishing boats.  Now, it is more of a tourist attraction.  But those old buildings captivated me, and I loved the green row boat.  I facetiously named the photo “Yacht Club”.

"Yacht Club"

Back home in San Angelo.  Some of the big happenings around here are the rodeo events.  In February we have one of the largest rodeos in the United States.  Enough entrants that it takes nine days to complete the competion.  However, we also occassionly have one of the Professional Bull Riders events held here and that was here I shot this photo.


I hope you have enjoyed these photos.  If so leave a comment.  When you do, if you click on the little box at the bottom, my posts will be automatically sent to you e-mail.  Click on any image for an enlargement.