Mississippi Kites

Mississippi Kites are beginning to be seen in our area.  I haven’t seen one yet, but I am on the look-out.  I have memories of a nice experience back in May of 2011, about four years ago.  We had been birding at a neat birding place near Abilene, called Cedar Gap Farm.

We had just left the place and were about a half-mile down the road when I glanced to the left and saw a juvenile Mississippi Kite atop a utility.  I stopped the car, got out with my camera, and took a closer look.

The bird was crying out, and as I looked skyward, an adult, probably it’s mother, was circling with some little nugget of food.  As I watched it swept down and fed it in the mouth of the little one and flew off.  I was intent on getting a photo of the young one so I set up my big 500mm lens on a tripod about thirty yards away.

As I was beginning to get some serious photos, the bird was still crying out.  I was very fortunate that the adult flew down and again gave a large beetle type of insect to the baby.  I was able to get these photos.

juvenile Mississippi Kite

juvenile Mississippi Kite

Mississippi Kites - dinner time

Mississippi Kites – dinner time

I hope you enjoyed this short post.  Click the images to see enlargements.