8 thoughts on “Yakkety-Sax Man

  1. Oh, no! That makes me so sad. There is an awesome pop-out menu (although hard to find) at the top right (three little horizontal lines) and that is where the subscribe information is. Thanks for visiting!

    Your photos are awesome- I look forward to seeing more of them and saying ‘hello’ if we may run into each other at Lost Maples or other great Hill Country areas!

    -Victoria Dühring

    • We go down to Uvalde a couple of time a year. We have friends there, Bob Shackleford and his wife. We love the great birding there. Bob took us out on a large ranch there, I believe it was, or is owned by a former Texas governor.

      • That would be Dolph Briscoe (passed away about 5 years ago), and his ranch is the Briscoe Ranch, In between Uvalde and Concan, I believe. My family (maiden name Herndon) knows the Shackleford’s very well. We know the Mayer’s (Richard, Betty, and their children and grandchildren) in San Angelo.

        • It certainly is a small world. Perhaps someday we may get a chance to meet you. We do love the hill country, but we spend most of our travel time in the Big Bend area. We will probably get back to Uvalde in March or April of next year.

  2. That’s so awesome! I am so glad to have found your blog! Since we are involved in the hunting industry here in South Africa, we are also (although amateur compared to you) avid wildlife photographers! AND I played the Alto Saxophone for 12 years! 🙂 Since I wasn’t playing it very often anymore, I gave it away to my niece so that she can now use it in band at school, but I miss it so!

    • I am so glad you found my blog, too. Nice to have a reader in South Africa. I have readers in 161 countries. I started out on Alto when I about ten years old. Changed to mainly Tenor when I got into playing professionally when I was about 15. But I retired from music about 25 years ago, (I am now 81). I use my photography to satisfy my creative juices. Thanks for visiting, Victoria, and I hope you will do so again. You can subscribe by clicking the Sign Me Up button. Incidentally, I visited your blog, but I couldn’t find the subscribe button.

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