Bison, a bird and more…….

We have been going out to the San Angelo State Park more recently, mainly because we are so excited to see the lake actually having water in it.  While we are there we also like to do a little birding and watch for other photo ops.

As we were driving out towards the boat ramp on a a recent afternoon, we passed a few of the park’s bison herd up near the fence.  I couldn’t resist trying to get a nice photograph.  Here is what I decided to come up with.  I hope you enjoy.  Prints are available, of course, as all of my photographs are.  Just contact me.

Portrait of a Bison

Portrait of a Bison

Also, we got a chance to see this female Blue Grosbeak.

Blue Grosbeak - female

Blue Grosbeak – female

I have been digging into my archives again.  I usually get in trouble when I start messing with my old stuff, but I came across some of my old water lily photos that I took at the International Water Lily Collection here in San Angelo.  I probably have posted them a few years ago, but most of you haven’t seen them.

Water Lilies

Water Lilies

Lady in Red

Lady in Red

"Prima Donna Magnifico" (Magnificent Ballerina"

“Prima Donna Magnifico” (Magnificent Ballerina”

So you see, I am also able to produce some fine photos other than birds when I have a mind to.  That last photo has won several art competions and contests.  It was one of my last photos in which I used film.  An art professor at San Angelo State University saw the photo at one of my shows and suggested that name.

Click on the photos to see some beautiful enlargements.

24 thoughts on “Bison, a bird and more…….

    • Thanks, Amy. Glad you liked that ‘lady’. I love photographing water lilies and we have this beautiful international collection here in San Angelo, but I get so much wrapped up in birding and photographing birds that I forget.

  1. Great photos as always, Bob. I especially appreciate that you’ve shared some shots of those wonderful San Angelo water lilies. Seeing them was one of the highlights of my time spent in your great little city so long ago now. Hope all is well down there now that you all have gotten some rain, finally.

    • Thanks, Jim, for all of those kind words. I am glad you enjoyed the water lily photos. You need to come back and spend some time again. It would be nice to see you.

      • Thanks, Bob. It would be great to see you and Ann again as well. It’s on my list of plans for some day. Hope it’s sooner rather than later. I don’t remember seeing Buffalo any time I’ve been there so that’s yet another incentive to get back.

  2. Quite a beautiful set of photographs you have here Bob. I was gazing upon a few of your blog postings and they truly allured with conviction. Keep doing your thing!

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