Twas the day after Christmas……

….And here at the house, I am sitting at the computer holding my mouse.   (was that catchy or what?)

It has been a busy time around here, as it has for most people this time of year.  We had a delightful dinner with friends on Christmas Day, though.  Now it is time to get back to doing what I do best; producing more photographs.

Despite the hectic activities associated with the holiday season, Ann and I managed to get in a little birding, and a little photography.  Here are some of the most recent results.

These are two Northern Cardinals that we have been seeing.  I don’t know which I like best.  Both were photographed at Spring Creek Park, here in San Angelo.


Northern Cardinal


Northern Cardinal

While were were driving around the park, we came across this little Brown Creeper.  It is one of the hardest birds to find, let alone to photograph.  They scurry up and down trees, looking for tiny morsels in the bark.  The only way that you can find one, is to just watch for movement.


Brown Creeper

One bird, or I should say duck, is the little Pied-billed Grebe.  Usually I see them far off shore, and unable to get good detailed shots of them.  This time we spotted one close in to some reeds, where we were more hidden.


Pied-billed Grebe

In a brushy area we saw three or four more Carolina Wrens.  I hate to pass up a chance to photograph these little cuties.


Carolina Wren

I am looking forward to the new year.  New challenges.  We will again keep a list of all the birds that we will see during the year.  2019 was a bust, in that regard.  With my on-going health issues, we didn’t travel or do as much birding as usual.  We saw only 155 different species for the year, whereas we usually see 200 or more.  So on January 1, we start anew, hoping for a year where there will be no health emergencies, and maybe make a few trips to other bird areas.

One more thing.  I have started on a new coffee table book.  It will be “Birds, Beasts and Buttes, Volume II”.  I last published the first volume back in 2013, so I have an abundance of new work from west Texas to include.  As the title implies, it will have plenty of birds, animals, and west Texas landscapes.  It will be a hard-cover book with 100 or more photos.  Look for it to be published sometime in January if all goes well.  By the way, I still have a handfull of Volume One that I am selling at a reduced price of 45.00.  Contact me at if interested.

Happy New Year and Happy Birding!!!




12 thoughts on “Twas the day after Christmas……

  1. You and Ann are magic together!! That Brown Creeper would be a real puzzle to find AND photograph!! And the cute little Grebe was none the wiser. Thanks for these wonderful photos as the year winds down. Your health is improving and 2020 just sounds like a promising time! hugs and best wishes for health and birding

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