Canyon Towhee (Pipilo fuscus)

I don’t mind saying so, but once in awhile I come up with some mighty cute pictures.  I’d like to share this one of a Canyon Towhee, that I photographed several weeks ago.

The Canyon Towhee looks somewhat drab at times, but I love the muted grays and browns.  This species is a ground dweller, hangs out in dense brush but feeds on the ground nearby.  They are similar to the California Towhee, and until recently, they were considered a single species, Brown Towhee.  Click on image to see an enlargement.  Enjoy.

Canyon Towhee

11 thoughts on “Canyon Towhee (Pipilo fuscus)

    • Thanks, Michael,

      The lenses that I use are the Canon L-series, I’m sure you are familiar with them. They are tack sharp.

      However, I have come across a real neat new software. It is called Focus Magic, downloadable at 45.00. I use it on even my best pictures that I depended on auto-focus, that I thought were right on in sharpness. This software can detect the tiniest little difference and improve on what I thought was excellence. It doesn’t replace your sharpening tools, just improves the oriinal focus.

      You can download it at


  1. Thanks, again,

    I love shooting pretty much wide-open aperture priority because it has such a shallow DOF, and leaves such a wonderful bokeh in the background. I shoot usually between f4 and f6.3 for my bird photography, depending on the light.

    But I must give credit to this magnificent 18MP Canon EOS 7D. I am so pleased with the combination with my Canon 100-400 lens or my 500mm lens. It certainly makes my job so much easier.


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