Chisos Mountains and “Window” Banner Photograph

I am always tweaking my blog a little, adjusting and changing things to make it more interesting.  I decided to put a new photo up in my banner at the top of this page.  Big Bend National Park is one of my favorite venues for birding, bird photography, and great landscape photography, so I thought it to be very apt.

The image above, in my banner, is of the Chisos Mountains, taken at an excellent vantage point on the highway just a few miles inside the west entrance to the park.  At this spot the mountains are probably a good twenty miles away.  If you look under the word “by”, you will see a ‘vee’ formation.  That is called “The Window”.  The mountains surround an area called the  “Basin”, and through the window from inside the basin, which is at the 5,000 foot elevation, you can see for miles across the Chihuahuan Desert.  Also in the Basin is the Chisos Mountain Lodge, many campgrounds, and lots of hiking trails.

All of the rain that falls in the Basin drains down and over a pour-off at the bottom of the Window.  It is a drop of several hundred feet from there.  The rock at the bottom of the pour-off is polished like glass, from the eons of waterflow over it.  A very slippery area for any foolhardy hikers or photographers. (Not me).  The photo below is by Joe Rossi.

Joe Rossi Photo

There is a trail from the lodge that leads down to that pour-off.  About a 5.5 mile round trip, it drops 800 feet in elevation.  Easy going down, but mean and exhausting coming back.  This photograph of mine is of the Window, from a little window viewing area near the Chisos Mountains Lodge.

The "Window" - Chisos Mtns - Big Bend NP

Pertinent Photo Data:

Pour-0ff photo courtesy of Joe Rossi.

The Window photographed with my Canon EOS 7D with 28-105 IS lens.  1/100 sec. @ f18, ISO 100.  Aperture priority, with partial metering.

I hope you enjoyed the photos and my descriptions.

21 thoughts on “Chisos Mountains and “Window” Banner Photograph

  1. While I loved the previous banner, so bright and colorful, this one is amazing! You live in a beautiful and grand state, Bob. I suppose I am only slightly prejudiced… I was born there!
    ~ Lynda

    • You’re not alone. I haven’t made that hike myself. I should have done it when I was younger. Thanks for your compliment. 🙂

  2. Beautiful as usual..exceptional depth and quality in this photo..If only we could hear the mountains and the valleys talk..what history we could learn..I think is great for your banner..

  3. The Chisos Mountains area is beautiful and colorful. The “window” does merit to its name! Your shot is terrific. Your descriptions are great too!

  4. I love your new banner, Bob! Great photo by Joe Rossi, and your photo beneath his is simply stunning. What a relaxing view and I could stay there and stare all day. Thanks so much for taking me there. 😉

    • You’re welcome, very much, Katie. Thank you so much for you nice compliments. And you are right. At the place I took the photo, there are benches to sit, and just look at that awesome view. 🙂

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