The Pretty Summer Tanagers

A very pretty bird that can be found around this Concho Valley of west Texas is the Summer Tanager.  They are not in great numbers, but when you see one you will not forget it.  The photos below were taken near Christoval, Texas about 20 miles south of San Angelo.

I love the differences between the sexes.  The male is the bright red and the female is a bright yellow.  The juvenile is what you expect, a mixture of both. I hope you enjoy these images. Click on either one to see an enlargement.

Summer Tanager - male

Summer Tanager – male

Summer Tanager - juvenile

Summer Tanager – juvenile

Summer Tanager - female

Summer Tanager – female

25 thoughts on “The Pretty Summer Tanagers

  1. Gorgeous!! I actually had one of these at my feeders a couple of years ago. They are not normally in this area of S.E. Michigan. I took several photos and a gentleman my husband works with is very involved in the Audobon society in this area, so we shared the photos with him. I sure did enjoy my rare visitor for the few days I got to see him. They are so pretty! Thanks again for the awesome photos, Bob!

  2. What gorgeous birds, and great photos! Intriguing that the female is such a different colour. Do the juvenile females also have the red plumage on the top part, before changing to pure yellow, I wonder?

  3. Haven’t seen these here and am surprised they are regulars. Spectacular color differences between the sexes. Wonder where I might spot them down here. Hm.

    • This is one bird that the male does not outdo the colors between the two sexes. You may have already seen one, as at a distant glimpse, they can be mistaken for a cardinal. Thanks for the comment, Shannon. They can be found in wooded areas around here.

  4. No female here but they sure are pretty, probably even more brilliant in real life. We get the WesternTanagers here and a photograph doesn’t do them justice. They sound nice, too.

  5. We love seeing these shy birds in our Ozarks woods – so beautiful – the male is the ‘red bird’ of my grandmother’s youth in S E Arkansas not the cardinal – were more plentiful then. Wonderful photos, Bob. K

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