Welcome to cold Fort Davis

Trying something new.  I am writing this post from my iPad, using my WordPress blogging app.

 Ann and I are visiting Fort Davis for a few days.  Our timing was not the best and we arrived Monday with great expectations for some beautiful days for birding.  Even though it was only about 40 degrees when we left San Angelo, by the time we crossed the Davis Mountains at Wild Rose Pass and entered Fort Davis the temperature 80 degrees.  We promptly checked into our room at the Davis Mountains Inn, a bed and breakfast.

Our gracious innkeepers are Bill and Nancy Davis.

The nice weather was short lived.  On Tuesday the forecast was for showers in the mountains, so we opted to take the scenic drive to Balmorhea.  The drive itself is more exciting than Balmorhea, as there are numerous wildlife photo opportunities along the highway.  We saw many Red-tailed Hawks, various small birds, and Aoudads, also known as Barbary sheep.

On Wednesday thunderstorm were forecast for the mountains, but we decided to chance it and take the 75 mile scenic loop through the Davis Mountains.  The temps were much cooler but the birds were active.  A couple that we met that were staying in the Davis Mountains State Park, Paul and Joan Von Hardeman, wanted to tag along in their car.  We were able to make it back to the inn just before a winter storm hit with rain and sleet.   We originally wanted to leave for home this morning, but because of the bad winter driving conditions we opted to stay an extra day.  We have been staying in our room today, finally venturing out for lunch after the ice melted.  We also met another couple that were staying here at the inn.  David and June Seaver, from Akron, Ohio, also waited a bit to leave for their next destination, Big Bend National Park.

Since my other bird and wildlife photos are still on my memory cards, I will have to wait to post them after we get home tomorrow.  I don’t have the means to get them onto my iPad.  By the way, since we left home on Monday morning, we have seen 57 species of birds so far. 

Well, Ann and I are going to drive into Fort Davis for supper at the historic Drugstore, now a great restaurant.  The Art Gallery is upstairs where I have several of my photographs on display and for sale. Bill and Nancy also own this establishment.

I will be posting photographs in a couple of days.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to cold Fort Davis

  1. Looking forward to some photos. Even though the weather was not the best, it can be very comfy in a nice warm, dry place while a storm rages. Safe travel home. hugs

    • Thanks, Dave. We didn’t let the weather bother us at all. We still had a great time. I do most of our birding in the car anyway. We ended up seeing a total of 62 species for the trip. We spent only about 30 minutes in a blind.

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