Lake Ivie Report

I got an e-mail this morning forwarded by Terry Richmond, written by Sue Oliver.  It seems that Sue and Mary Creel made a trip to Lake Ivie to do some birding.  I would say that they were successful as they counted 61 species for the trip, 49 which were at Lake Ivie itself, and 12 more on the road enroute.  It is enough to convince me that I must make the trip, maybe tomorrow.  If so, I will report back on this blog how well I and Ann did.  I don’t expect to do as well, as we aren’t as experienced as those ladies are.

Lake Ivie, for you readers not from this area, is about 55 miles east of San Angelo, Texas.  It was impounded with a dam in 1990, by the Colorado River Municipal Water District.  It was filled by the waters of the Concho River and the Colorado River.  It covers 19,149 acres, and has maximum depth of 119 feet.  Not only is the birding great, but is also a favored fishing lake.

I must relate this experience of a previous birding trip.  Several months ago Suzanne and Sid Johnson, Ann and I, decided that we were going to Lake Ivie to bird.  For some reason that I can’t remember, we changed our mind and decided to go north to Cedar Gap Farm. We left San Angelo at around 8:30 in the morning.  It seems that the birding was pretty good along the way.  We arrived in Ballinger around noon.  The kicker is that Ballinger is only about 30 miles away. Three hours and a half to get to Ballinger, would you believe??  Anyway, we ate lunch there, and decided to return to San Angelo by way of Bronte and Robert Lee.  That took us another three hours or so.  Why do you ask??  Birding along the way, of course.  All in all, I think we scored 47 species for the trip.  Not bad for not making it to our original destination of Cedar Gap Farm..

If anyone else has anything else to report, e-mail me and I’ll pass the word.

Happy Birding!!


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