RAW Finches and Photoshop CS5

A drab, cold day here in San Angelo, Texas today.  I got restless, couldn’t go outside and do any shooting do to moisture, near freezing conditions.  What to do.  Naturally, I got on the computer and started going through old images.  I came across these that I shot in RAW a couple of years ago.  Now, as I may have mentioned many times, I have never been a big fan of shooting RAW.  Mainly, I guess, I didn’t have enough confidence to try to convert the photos to my satisfaction.

A couple of months ago I, because of a good discount on sale, acquired Photoshop CS5.  I hadn’t got into it much, because most of my time is either in the field shooting, or writing my blog.  I was content to just cruise along, satisfied with the results that I was getting with sticking to JPEG images.

So, today, I thought was the time to get serious with this RAW and also do some experimenting with PS CS5.  And I’ll be darned, if it ain’t all that hard to come up with some pretty good images.  I am glad that I had kept these files of these female House Finches.

House Finch - female

House Finch - female

I think I am pretty pleased with the results.  I may be a new convert to RAW.  Maybe this old dog can learn a few new tricks.