Don’t pay the ransom, I’ve escaped…..

Okay, I know that many of you had received an e-mail saying that I was in trouble in the Philipines and needed money.  I assure you, I am alive and well and in the United States.  And, trust me, any checks that I receive will be destroyed.  It was a scam.  Some hacker decided to entertain himself by stealing my contact list, e-mail account, and just making a heck of a lot of trouble for me.  I now have a new account and my new address that you can contact me by is:  I am sorry about any inconvenience and/or any trouble that this hacker may have caused.

I have found that it is easy to laugh about it this morning, but I can assure you that it was no laughing matter yesterday.

Turtle on log

Turtle on log

In keeping with my practice of including a photograph with any post, this is a turtle that I photographed many, many years ago near Lajitas, Texas.  It was shot on film.  I included this image, because many of you enjoyed my previous turtle photo.  I do, at times, photograph creatures that aren’t of the avian variety.  You can click on the image to see an enlargement.

24 thoughts on “Don’t pay the ransom, I’ve escaped…..

  1. Another turtle! Thanks, Bob. Sorry you had to go through all of that. Seems nothing’s secure anymore in our new digital lifestyles. Just roll with the punches. At least you didn’t get your identity stolen — I hear that’s painfully hard to remedy.

    Here’s a link you might be interested in, about placing email links in blog posts (where I found your new address). Spammers are relentless. Don’t trust ’em. Especially not with a $2,100 check.

  2. Glad you’re safe and sound, Bob. It is a running scam. Unfortunately AOL’s e-mail is horrible for security. Almost as bad as Yahoo! I love Google’s GMail… Never had a lick of problems. Love the turtle, too, Bob.

  3. Ha ha – I sent “you” an email saying you were hacked and “you” said you weren’t hacked, but “you” still needed money. I have now changed your email address. Thanks!

  4. When I received that email I knew it was a hack job. I went through a couple of years ago with some not very nice folks from Nigeria. Take care and I love turtles. Had one when I was a kid growing up. Sunshine in Pagosa Country headed out for a drive and see what critters are out and about.

  5. Wow, Bob. I didn’t get that email from you, but last week I did get one from someone I know but who would not normally email me: she was hypothetically robbed in England. Same kind ot thing; I figured it had to be a hacker/scam. No fun. Thanks for posting. And thanks for the turtle. It’s beautiful!

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