Spring has sprung!

American Robin

Ann and I went to San Angelo State Park this morning to take care of the bird blind.  We got the water turned on a few days ago, and park personnel drained and cleaned the little pool for us.  So this morning we were out there with our weedeater, getting it spruced up.

We spotted our first American Robin, a guaranteed harbinger of spring.  We also noticed that the mesquite are starting to get their leaves.  That also, is a good sign of spring.  We sat in the blind for awhile and watched the usual population of birds for this time of year.  We also spotted three Northern Bobwhite and the Spotted Towhee pictured below.

Spotted Towhee

Bewick's Wren

This photo to the left is a Bewick’s Wren that has built a nest on our patio in a decorative bird house that Ann and put out there.  Perhaps we may have a little family there.

Happy Birding!!

2 thoughts on “Spring has sprung!

  1. Good afternoon Bob! Well I didn’t make it back to the eagle’s nest to see them pledge this season! I kind of got burned out on photographing but I’m getting back into it now since the wild flowers are blooming! Like to make a trip to San Angelo but short of funds for that trip! Anyway I’m getting out more now to see the wild flowers! So I’m just starting the blue bonnet journey with a photo of the old Marble Falls house! Guess I will talk at you laters have fun birding!

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