Another Northern Cardinal image

I keep going back through my old archives when I have spare time.  Today when I was adding photos to my flickr page, I came across this Northern Cardinal ( Cardinalis cardinalis) image that I had taken with my old Canon 40D back in 2008.

Northern Cardinal

We were sitting in the bird blind at San Angelo State Park, when it flew in and perched atop a desert sumac.  I had my Canon 500mm with a 1/4 tele-converter attached, mounted on a tripod with a Wimberley II gimbal head.  Exposure was 1/500 sec. @ f5.6, ISO 500.  Center weighted metering with aperture priority.

I love the flashy color of the cardinals.  They are one of my favorite birds to photograph because they are naturally photogenic.  Click on the image to see an enlargement.  Also, click on the Flickr logo on the right side of this page and have a look at some other work of mine.

25 thoughts on “Another Northern Cardinal image

  1. Yes, I agree with Rev. McKay above. They have always been my favorite. Maybe because red is my favorite color and I enjoy seeing how they contrast with the grays, browns and greens in nature. Great photo, Bob!

  2. This photo is so perfect I can barely believe it’s real! No cardinals here and nothing really so stikingly coloured, so it is really a treat to see it so beautifully depicted.

  3. Thank you for sharing..we don’t have Cardinals in Colorado. I did have the Mexican Cardinal in Arizona..still miss the flashy red that says GO rather than Stop. Love the photo..thanks again for sharing with all of all your photos..birds are such a blessing..

  4. Indeed, hard to beat the beauty of a cardinal isn’t it. I remember as a kid in our small but lush back yard with big pecan trees how red cardinals stood out in bold relief against all the greenery. They get to me every time.

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