Roadrunner and Wren

We are still in the summer doldrums when it comes to birding here.  Going to the SA State Park has slowed down to producing only a few birds for photography.  In a couple of weeks it will start changing and we will have the winter birds beginning to migrate.  I don’t know about other areas, but we have many, many more birds here in the winter than we do in the summer.

On one of our latest outing we saw only 17 different species, but luckily I managed to get a couple of pictures.  This Bewick’s Wren (Thryomanes bewickii) was in a tree outside of the bird blind.  I took the picture from the window at a distance of only about ten feet.

Bewick’s Wren

Later on, down the little lane that leads to the blind, we spotted this Greater Roadrunner (Geococcyx californianus), in a tree along the path.  The light wasn’t too great, early morning sun filtering through the branches.

Great Roadrunner on tree limb.

Enjoy the photos and click on either one to see and enlargement.

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