Waiting for the Migration

Well, it soon should be upon us.  The fall migration of the birds that always head this way southward.  Reports from the far north say that some are leaving there, so I have been scanning the skies, figuratively speaking, of course.

Ann and I drove out to Spring Creek Park this morning to see if there was any fresh arrivals.  None so far.  There was a bit more activity with the present residents and we counted twenty-two different species, however not too many photo opportunities.  There were a couple of Red-tailed Hawk flyovers to get us excited.  Then we happened upon this juvenile Green Heron.

Actually, we had stopped near the water and were just watching, when it flew at us and landed in a nearby mesquite tree.  I was thrilled to see that it was in the open and facing us, with no tree branches in our line of vision.  I did have to carefully maneuver the car a bit to give me an angle that I could put my Canon 7D and 500mm lens on my window sill.

Green Heron - juvenile

Green Heron – juvenile

Green Heron- juvenile

Green Heron- juvenile

It sat there for several minutes, posing for me.  Then as you can see in the second photo that something got it’s attention in the grasses below.

Green Heron - juvenile

Green Heron – juvenile

He hopped to the ground and headed for the weeds along the shore.  I rattled off a series of shots as he went.  I liked this above image, even if I did nearly clip off his tail feathers.  I hope you enjoy the photos. Click on any of them to see an enlargement.

17 thoughts on “Waiting for the Migration

  1. Great shots of what for me has been an elusive target, Bob. Every time one lands at one of our ponds, it seems to sense when I lift my camera and it flies away. In the wild, my camera always causes them immediately to walk behind reeds or other greenery and hide.

  2. Hey, I did not know the green heron had a crest! Completely changes the attitude. Thanks for posting these great photos. The birds are coming, the birds are coming…..not much longer, so just hang in there. hugs

  3. Our bird feeders have picked up in activity, geese are flocking up and my hummers are gone..you should be getting some new arrivals any day..Love the Green Heron..He always looks like he is on a mission..love the photos..today I am painting a white dove..they are a challenge..white on white…

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