San Angelo State Park

Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret

Since I do a large percent of my birding and photography at San Angelo State Park, I feel compelled to tell a little bit about it.  I imagine a large percentage of you readers have never heard of it, let alone visit it.

White-tailed Deer

White-tailed Deer

It was created in 1952 when O. C. Fisher Dam and Reservoir were completed for flood control.  In 1995 it was officially opened as San Angelo State Park.  It is comprised of 7,677 acres, mostly undeveloped land.  But the developed part is a gem. 


Picnic site

There you can find wildlife of all types, white-tailed deer,  rattlesnake, javelina, bobcat, porcupine, jackrabbits, prairie dogs, and many more than I have space to list.  There is a herd of bison, and part of the Official Texas State Longhorn Herd  resides there. 

Painted Bunting

Painted Bunting

Did I mention that there many types of birds in the park.  There are 356 species of birds in the Concho Valley and you can see most of them in the park at various times of the year.

Also available are many campsites, some dry camps, other full-featured hook-ups.  Picnic tables abound for the day-trippers.  Air-conditioned cabins are for rent for visitors who don’t happen to own an RV or other camping gear.

Air-conditioned Cabin

Air-conditioned Cabin

Kurt Kemp and his staff do a wonderful and efficient job of maintaining the numerous areas of the park.  At the South Entrance gate-house you can find maps, souvenirs, and get park information.

Plans for the future include additional bird-blinds for the birding enthusiast and bird photographers.  An amphitheater is under construction, and when completed, it will be available for outdoor events, including weddings.

So all in all, I would say that the future of San Angelo State Park looks rosy indeed.  Now if only we could get a little more rain on the North Concho River water-shed, the level of the lake would rise.  Then we could make use of the many boat ramps that are currently hundreds of yards from the shoreline.  At that time, boating can truly be added to the already long list of activities for park visitors.

In birding news, I and Gary Lindahl, saw our first Purple Finch this morning.

Happy Birding!!

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8 thoughts on “San Angelo State Park

  1. Bob, I need help from your Concho Valley readers and lookers. I need to know of any other towns (other than San Angelo) in our region that host breeding American Robins in late spring and summer.
    What about Ballinger, Eden, Grape Creek, Mertzon, Eldorado, Robert Lee, Bronte, Sterling City ????

    Terry Maxwell

  2. Bob, the write up is well done. You are a man of many talents. I might ask to quote some of this in the FoSASP newsletter.

    The comments are interesting and supports the notion of the untapped possibilities for attracting bird watchers and nature lovers.

  3. photos are really great! weldone! are all those animals really live in the park??? it is amazing! especially a deer! i think every nature lover should visit this place! it is really wonderful!

    • Yup! They really do all live somewhere in the park. Some are hard to find, some are pretty easy to see. Come check it out. Thanks for the comments on my photos. Bob

  4. Thanks! I can’t wait to come bird! Never done Texas yet, but sure will try to get this place on my itinerary when I do. I will visit your blog regularly from now on. Pam Dummitt Richmond Audubon Society, VA

  5. Having visited San Angelo SP a few times in the past 15 years, I totally agree with you, Bob. We have had great stays, seen many birds, and ejoyed the area. Thanks for the write up.

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