San Angelo State Park – March Birding Tour

On Saturday March 17, San Angelo State Park had their new monthly birding

Northern Cardinal

tour.  I used to lead it until several months ago, when I gave up the job so someone else could take over.  It took awhile to find someone to fulfill the position, so finally one of the park personnel, Ranger Jade, decided that he would give it a try.  We met at 8:30 at the gatehouse and headed for the blind.  Ranger Jade asked me to assist him as this was all new to him.

Field Sparrow




It went quite well.  There were nine of us this time, but I think when the word gets out, there will be larger turn-outs.  This time they made the birding tour part of a spring break celebration of sorts.  They also had a nature tour, and a bison tour going on also.  Because of this the birding was somewhat abbreviated.  Most of the time was spent at the blind and with a quick drive by the lake to check out the water birds.   We only saw 25 species.  This is the complete list.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

  1. Canyon Towhee   1
  2. White-crowned Sparrow   12
  3. Northern Mockinbird   12
  4. Yellow-headed Blackbird   1
  5. Red-winged Blackbird   13
  6. Phrrhuloxia   3
  7. Mourning Dove   6
  8. White-winged Dove   8
  9. House Finch   15
  10. House Sparrow   10
  11. American Avocet   3
  12. Northern Shoveler  50+
  13. Northern Harrier   1
  14. Ruby-crowned Kinglet   1
  15. Field Sparrow   1
  16. Vesper Sparrow   6
  17. European Starling   4
  18. Golden-fronted Woodpecker   2
  19. Killdeer   2
  20. Western Meadowlark   6
  21. Turkey Vulture   4
  22. Black-crested Titmouse   1
  23. Ring-necked Duck   1
  24. Barn Swallow   4
  25. Curve-billed Thrasher   1

    Curve-billedl Thrasher

Click on any image to see an enlargement.  In the future the birding tours will be on a regular schedule of the third Saturday of each month, meeting at the South Gate at 8:30AM.