A Big Mea Culpa

What a dumbkoff I am at times.  In my blog post yesterday “Photography as Art”, I commited a bad faux pax.  In my expounding on the work of Ansel Adams and Galen Rowell, I failed to mention another great photographer who is dear to my heart.  How I could leave her out is beyond me.

She is Deb Tappan, one of the finest photographers of the National Parks of the country.  You only need to check her web-site, listed in my blog-roll to the right of this page.  Her images belong right up there with the fore-mentioned photographers.  In fact, her amazing black and photos rival those of the great Ansel Adams.

I have been with her on many photo shoots, and hope to do it again.  I am proud to say that she is my dearest and best friend.  I have as many works of hers on my walls as I do of my own.  So, Deb, you may give me 50 lashes with your camera strap. 🙂

One thought on “A Big Mea Culpa

  1. Photography is certainly art. It involves creating out of a medium, in your case nature. The way you catch the birds and wildlife in action, choose the pose, and crop the photos is what helps your photos bring nature to life for people. The photos evoke emotions so I would say they are art.

    Other folks’ photos are in the “wish you were here category”, not bad, but not works of art.

    Ansel Adams, using black and white, was most certainly an artist. Some artists include photography and other changes to the pictures to make their art projects. It’s a little hard to draw the line. Well, see you later. I am getting ready to put our cans and plastic bottles together to have an art project (or maybe we’ll just go to the recycling center and call it a day). Keep on making your photos, Bob. Everyone is welcome to their opinion about art, but not everyone is right.


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