New Year Weekend Birding

Whoa, is this January 3 already?  Time is fleeting and I am having a hard time catching up.  Had a nice birding weekend though, to begin the new year.  I found a couple of new locations that are quite “birdsy”.  At least they are new to me.   One is the Ben Ficklin Park and dam.  The other is Sulphur Draw.  Both places offer an amazing array of bird species.

The Ringed Kingfisher was high on a wire over-looking the dam.  Thanks to this fantastic Canon 7D I was able to get an acceptable image, at least good enough for this blog.  I used my Canon EF100-400mm IS AF lens, hand-held.  I also used that combination on all of the photos below.

Here are some of the images:

Ringed Kingfisher - Ben Ficklin Dam

Belted Kingfisher - Sulphur Draw

Northern Flicker - Sulphur Draw

Least Sandpiper - Ben Ficklin Dam

6 thoughts on “New Year Weekend Birding

  1. Thanks, Chris,

    You are right of course. I really missed that one. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I am glad you’re enjoying my blog. I am relatively new at birding, but I am having a great time with the learning process.


  2. Bob,

    I enjoy your blog. I used to live in San Angelo and enjoy reading about the goings-on in the area.
    BTW – your Least Sandpiper in your photo is actually a Spotted Sandpiper.

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