ID Quiz #5 – What Bird is This

Okay, folks here is the new quiz number five for this week.  Vote below for what you think this bird is.  Voting will be open until Thursday evening, and the results will be published next Friday morning, May 18.

What is this bird??

13 thoughts on “ID Quiz #5 – What Bird is This

  1. Great photo..voted..this was a little tougher..we don’t have all the species of woodys in our neighborhood..have a terrific Tuesday..It is elk day in the studio..

  2. The bird’s work on this tree gave me a hint for this one. I hope I’m right! Hehehe.

    Thanks, Bob. 🙂

    • These quizzes are a bit difficult for you, since you don’t have most of these birds in your area. But I appreciate you for participating in the fun, Nandini. 🙂

      • And I thought you were intentionally making them difficult by putting similar name options. 😀 Haha.

        I’m having fun, and I have a feeling that I’m right this time. 🙂

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