Sharp-shinned Hawk with Canon PowerShot SX40

We were in Big Bend National Park on the first of March this year.  I had taken many, many photos around that time.  I am just now getting back into my files from them to do some sorting.  I came across this image that I had nearly forgotten about.

I had purchased a new Canon PowerShot SX40 camera for use in taking on short hikes when I didn’t want to load myself down with my heavy equipment.  I had came across this hawk in the trees and decided that was an opportunity to see what the camera could do.  We were birding from the car, so I was probably only about  75 feet away.  I would say that the camera did a bang-up job.  Exposure was 1/200 sec. @f5.8, ISO 100.  Zoom was set at 150mm.  Hand-held.  I might add that I just finished printing a 12×16 enlargement that I am going to frame.  Only down-side that I can think of, is the viewfinder is a bit small and hard to get used to.

So if anyone is contemplating a new small lightweight, economically priced camera with a heck of a long zoom, this may be just the ticket.

Click on the image to see an enlargement.

ID Quiz #5 – What Bird is This

Okay, folks here is the new quiz number five for this week.  Vote below for what you think this bird is.  Voting will be open until Thursday evening, and the results will be published next Friday morning, May 18.

What is this bird??